Our Roots

  • 1958
    Bet 3amme Youssef  

    1958 - Bet 3amme Youssef

    Building his home by his own hands with limestone cut locally from the mountain, 3amme Youssef terraced the hill and farmed his land. To date, we savour the grapes from his vineyard and olives from his trees

  • 1960
    The Stairs  

    1960 - The Stairs

    With his brother Botrous, 3amme Youssef built the stairs to easen passage and transportation from Broummana, to the Valley, up to Zandouqah arriving to the Upper Zandouqah Village

  • 1975
    The Lebanese Civil War  

    1975 - The Lebanese Civil War

    The first displacement of the Zandouqah residents marks a sad milestone in the history of our beloved Village

  • 1979
    The Second Displacement  

    1979 - The Second Displacement

    3amme Youseff led all the remaining residents from Zandouqah, through the valley, up to Broumana, hiking their way to safety and leaving what remained of their beloved land

  • 1990s
    Back to the roots  

    1990s - Back to the roots

    3amme Youseff and other villagers started visiting back Zandouqah, repopulating the village, managing their forests and taking care of their plantations

  • 2019

    2019 - Municipality

    A separate municipality dedicated to Zandouqah is established, paving the way for organized rural sustainable development

  • 2020
    Upside Down  

    2020 - Upside Down

    3amme Youssef the grandson with his comrades, returned to Zandouqah to camp during the 2020 Pandemic. Tent by tent, spot by spot, they hosted their friends in the forest and turned their summers Upside Down

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