Together for Nature

At Upside Down, we thrive toward an eco-friendly world by creating our small heaven. Check our farm, plantations, recycling plant, activities, and more!

Our Farm

Snawbara, Aabla, Aantar, Jabal, and all our companions live with us here at Upside Down. Bring your pets to enjoy the outdoors.

Our Plantation

We plant whatever we can get our hands on!

Taste from our vineyards,
Enjoy our olive trees,
Harvest your basil for your Gin basil drinks,
Grab some wild thyme,
Refresh with natural Minth leaves

and more !

Our Recycling Plant

We recycle all our waste.

From plastic, to bottles by type, to cans and glasses
all the way to natural composting,
we divide our waste in a small compartmental plant that we built.

We partnered with Green Mount Recycling to gather the compartmentalized waste and recycle it in their factory!

Our Environmental Activities

Want to learn about environmental practices? Check our activities section!

Taste and explore Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
Converse about Nature Intelligence
Plant in up-cycled plastic
Build with clay and draw with charcoal
Journey into the woods and learn about forest management and tree types

Forest Guidelines

  • Follow the trails, the ropes, the signs and the stairs. For your safety, don’t jump on or over the rocks.
  • Upside down is pet friendly. For their safety and visitor’s comfort, please keep your furry friends around you, leashed and on ground at all times.
  • Not sleeping in a tent? Please keep the silence and mood when passing through the Campground.
  • Time for a bonfire? For some grilled marshmallows? Bonfires are allowed in specified spots. Ask our crew and they will point you towards the campfires and help you build yours!
  • Help us protect our forest and use the garbage bins distributed across the site and ashtrays for cigarette butts.
  • Arguileh, food and beverages from outside, and external music (small speakers only) are allowed only in Upside and Campground.
  • Please keep the company of children under 14 years old.
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